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Azarath OGBON, Winner of the FIDEA 2019 Agriculture Innovation of the Year Award with her company


In Benin, nearly one million tons of cashew apples are thrown away every year, spoiling an important economic and nutritional potential. Fresh Gulp was born out of our desire to contribute and be an important player in the realization of this potential. After two years of development, we transform cashew apple into juice to be sold through the distribution network we are developing throughout Benin and in other countries of the West African sub-region and soon in Europe.

From 10 thousand bottles in 2017 to 50 thousand bottles produced in 2019, it is more than 5 million FCFA of income generated for nearly 50 farmers in about fifteen villages in central Benin. It is also more than 100 tons of cashew apples saved from waste for the taste buds of our customers and the development of Benin.

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